Terms of use of the Bordo website

1. General information

1. The "Bordo" site (hereinafter: "the Site"), B. B. (Hereinafter: the "Company"), is a advertising  vacation portal specializing in the sale of tourism services and products in Israel/ The site publishes content and information for luxury vacation areas: B & B, villas and boutique hotels, as well as additional information for recreation in Israel: Spa, tourist sites, etc.

1. Bordo provides a convenient and accessible platform that enables booking of accommodation units by means of a connection  between the user on the site and the service provider (the host) and / or by ordering a service / product using the online system that operates on the site.

The site operates an active membership club that enables a variety of special activities for subscribers (including writing opinions about the hospitality complexes) and offers a selection of special offers and attractive discounts for club members. When registering for a club, the surfer will provide contact information and other details, if he chooses, to receive the newsletter.

1. It is hereby stated that the user of the site may not make any use of any type of information published on the site that is contrary to the law and / or the rights of the site and / or any third party. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, market, use or transmit to others the information and / or the images and / or make any other publicity or non-publicity use thereof without prior written consent from the site.

1.5. The use of the site and its information ( browsing, ordering a service, purchasing a tourist product, etc.) is intended for users over the age of 18, who have legal authority and require full agreement with the terms of the regulations.

2. Publication of information on the site and limitation of liability

2.1. The Company is making great efforts to ensure a quality hospitality experience at the famous resort sites on the site. All information published in it is reviewed and updated from time to time. However, the Company does not bear any legal liability for errors in presenting the information and / or customer dissatisfaction due to an inadequate hosting experience in the resort complexes advertised on the site.

When making an order, we recommend that you verify the current prices and conditions of the services you wish to purchase.

2.2. The user of the Site is hereby notified that the Company shall not be liable for any malfunction, virus, technical failures and / or any temporary or permanent change in the Site activity.

The Company is not responsible for the content of the messages and opinions posted on the Website by the users. Therefore, the Company shall not bear any legal liability whatsoever as a result of the damage caused to the Service Provider and / or the User on the Site by posting such content. In addition, the Company may not publish any notice / opinion at its discretion.

2.4 For the avoidance of doubt, the advertised service on the Site may be changed at any time (except after the order is made), including the Services and the hosting conditions, including the prices and terms of payment.

2.5 The user declares that he is aware that the copyright, patent rights, trade secrets, rights of ownership and / or use of the information, including distribution rights and any other intellectual property in the information belong to the site, and the user shall have no right whatsoever of the information and that the use of the information is for his personal needs Only of the user.

The Company reserves the right to change the instructions and rules of use of the Site from time to time, at its sole discretion. Any such change shall be binding upon the Participants from the moment of its publication on the Site.

2.7 The Site shall be entitled to immediately block the Services if the User has used the Services in violation of the requirements of any law and / or in violation of the provisions of these Articles or for any other reasonable reason.

2.8. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that termination of the agreement between the parties shall not derogate from any of the users undertakings as provided in this Agreement.

3. Online ordering policy

3.1. A user may perform the online booking process on the site if he / she has an identity card / passport, over the age of 18 and holds a valid Israeli or international credit card.

3.2. The action performed by the customer on the site constitutes his consent to the sites conditions. The accommodation reservation is subject to the availability of the accommodation units and subject to information published on the site.

3.3 The hosting order is made by the website from the hosting providers (hosts) according to the details specified in the order.

3.4. When placing the order through an on-line ordering system that operates on the site, the information relevant to the transaction will be transferred to and approved by the service provider.

3.5. The transaction will be completed only after receipt of the notice confirming the execution of the order.

3.6 Upon completion of the order, the order form will be sent to the customer's private email address, which will include the details of the reservation area, the dates of the order and details of the cancellation policy of the service provider.

3.7 The Company shall not be liable in any manner for unexpected disruptions and / or malfunctions that are not under the control of the Site, if they occur with the service providers, due to faulty performance of the services related to the service providers, unless it knew or should have known in advance of such failure and / Really.

3.8 In those cases where the service is not provided to the customer, the refund depends on the suppliers decision and the Company has no responsibility and control over the matter.

4. Cancellation policy

4.1. Some service providers charge an advance payment from the customer, which will not be refunded in case the customer cancels the order.

Cancellation of the order will be made subject to the cancellation policy of each hosting area on its merits. The Company is not responsible for and / or determines the cancellation policy for service providers.

4.3. If I cancel the order, cancellation fees will be charged subject to the cancellation policy of the requested hosting area, unless the supplier does not collect cancellation fees.

4.4 In the event of non-appearance in the place of accommodation at the time the service was ordered and purchased without prior notice, the customer will be charged the full cost of the service.

5. Price policy

5.1 The prices on the site are subject to changes in the price lists of suppliers. The final price is subject to vendor approval.

5.2 The Company makes every effort to offer its customers products at very attractive prices and conditions. For this, the site will publish general offers and special offers to members of the members club for certain areas and certain dates.

6. Security and privacy

6.1 The site is based on advanced technologies to protect the privacy of the  customer and to ensure full security when purchasing the services.

7. The information you give us, confidential and safe with us.

8. Bordo is protected by the standard SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) protocol, which is a protocol for encrypting information on the Internet that guarantees the confidentiality of data sent from your computer to our site.

9. The information provided is for the realization of your purpose only.

10. We guarantee that all personal information provided by you will be used to fulfill your order and to fulfill your requests only.

11. For surfers who prefer to give details of credit card details and other personal details orally, you can contact the offices of  Bordo website and provide the details by telephone or by fax.

11.1 The Company is entitled to replace the information security methods at its discretion, without notice.

11.2 The Company undertakes not to transfer, on its own initiative and without the Users consent, its personal details to any external parties.

7. Company details

Company Name: ABB " yazamut vepirsum" Ltd.
Companys commercial name: Bordo - luxury accommodation in Israel
513846964 HP:
Head Office Address: Beit Avnit Mall, POB 207, Zip Code 12101, Rosh Pina
Office Phone: 04-6666639
100bordo@gmail.com E-mail: